Real Talk: Taking Stock. An Update

This blog is primarily a blog about music, I say as much under my delightful profile just to the right of this post. I want it to focus almost entirely on third parties and my thoughts and reactions to the work they make. It was never meant to be a full on review site, just a place where I could share good music. That said I can’t hide from the fact that I write from the perspective of a musician and as such I should probably, quietly, allow for some sense of self to belong amongst these pages. Better men would likely have no problem sharing their self with the masses in such a shameless manner; unfortunately self promotion has never been my strong point. I just can’t bring myself to automate Twitter to send messages to those few who follow me, I’m no machine. Ditto I would never spam record labels and radio stations in the vague hope they could lift me to the next level by sheer attrition. That’s lazy thinking. That’s old thinking. If you’ve read anything of this blog then you know I don’t believe in the functionality of the music business. All questions of money and fame aside, I just get frustrated by the way musicians portray success. It’s all bollocks. I feel as successful as Rihanna, I may not have the money or the stylists but I have a sense of self-worth and achievement that outweighs anything she can throw my way. So to return to the point, I’m rubbish at social mediating but I don’t care.

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Nothing has changed. Actually something has. After receiving support and airplay from Tom Robinson on BBC Radio 6 and some very, very kind words about my music I’ve decided to up a gear in proceedings. All proceedings. A new EP is coming. This blog will post more regularly. A podcast is exiting development hell. A company will be started. It’s utterly exciting. In short, I plan on slowly, painfully increasing my output and I want you to stick around while I do. This means putting up with the lows to share in the highs.

So why am I telling you this now? Well, I actually haven’t got time to write a proper blog this week so am taking a slow week off before the new begins. I thought I’d let you beautiful few know where I am. 431 words is a pithy little thing so I shall end with a video.



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