What’s in a song?: This is the Salon – rryrry

             NOTE: I missed last week. Sorry about that.

So this may seem a little nepotistic and arrogant; reviewing my own song as if it worthy of equal billing with such gems as There’s Too Many Irons In The Fire or Pedestals. I really shouldn’t; arrogance doesn’t sit well with me. That said, this past year has shown me that it resonates quite well with certain people; taking me to places I could barely have imagined being. Long story short, it’s got me through to the Relentless Here To Be Heard 2015 final (picked out by none other than Everything Everything) with the prize of playing Reading at stake. Not bad for a days work at a time of extreme sadness and joy. The public vote has now opened and will be active until the 16th so if you fancy being kind I’d love you to click here and vote for me. A selfish request, maybe, but one that I will unlikely ask of you again. But I can see you need convincing. Let me lift the veil a little.

At the time I was living in London. A vapid, glorious and unforgiving London filled with artists of all stripes desperately trying to get noticed. rryrry was about a year old and I had got into the routine of spending every weekend I got off back in Kent with all my instruments. I worked in retail so these weekends were few and far between but when they came around I made sure to use them as best I could. Because of this I’d often spend ages in the capital planning textures and sketching out forms so that when the time came, I’d know exactly what I’d need to do to finish a song. This is the Salon is a bit different. It was just this little piano loop that I thought sounded cool. Like many of my ‘cool’ ideas I wrote it down, programmed a little demo and then forgot about it. By this point my slow attrition on the London scene had failed miserably; too many bands meant too many promoters setting too many arbitrary rules and killing my buzz. I started having pretty serious lows; nothing scary, just occasionally believing that I’d chosen the completely wrong life path. Thoughts like that are clearly bollocks, but that doesn’t stop them doing their best to damage you. In the midst of this I found myself once again at home but with nothing planned and nothing to do but mope.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 11.39.45

                   Little bit of history repeating.

It’s the best advice in the world to not care for what others think of you, but nobody offers similar advice when the person who mocks and disassembles your world view is your self. It manifests as a complete lock on the brain, every decision you make becomes judged and rated and often found wanting. You just can’t compete. You will never add to the canon. Nobody will listen. It is terrifying, because this art is how you define yourself and all of a sudden you see it as hollow and pointless. It’s a dangerous, horrific road to start going down. But I’m lucky (though I don’t think lucky is the right word to use) that at my core is a brimming optimism and stubborn pragmaticism. Moping is pointless over such insignificance. I know I can tether the black dog when it comes and put it to good use, so that’s what I did. I loaded up the demo and threw everything at it. In situations like this you can’t think about what you’re doing, you can’t dwell, you just have to do.

And so Salon came together fairly quickly. All of my rage against the system coupled with all the positivity for the future melded into this slightly odd love song. Well I say slightly odd, Jonathan from Everything Everything said it sounded deranged and Tom Robinson called it mental, but I suppose they don’t know where it came from. It’s an ode to breaking the old industry and building something better. It’s a shedding of oily doubt and emerging glowing. It’s many things. But if I’m honest it was never meant to be anything other than an audible pick me up. A letter to myself that it’ll all turn out ok in the end. Horror Express was always meant to be the single and the song that would get peoples attention (hence it’s awesome music video and pressing on vinyl) but that shows what I know. All the education in the world falls heavy when weighed against public opinion. Considering what This is the Salon means to me it is immeasurably affirming the way it’s been picked up. Though the question now is will I be able to match it? Maybe. Possibly. We’ll cross that bridge.

Click here to vote! 
Please vote! Please tell your friends to vote! 
Every little helps when you work completely alone. 
My thanks will be innumerable and heatfelt.

5 thoughts on “What’s in a song?: This is the Salon – rryrry

  1. Joe Hoffman says:

    I’m mad because I only recently found this, and so I missed the voting deadline 😦 😛
    Just know that I would have DEFINITELY voted for “rryrry”.. I probably wouldn’t have even looked at the other bands on the list 🙂


  2. rryrry says:

    Cheers Joe!

    Don’t worry about missing the vote, the important thing is that you found it now.

    If you like ‘the Salon’ then by all means check out it’s parent EP:

    It’s a bit of a sonic adventure…



    • Joe Hoffman says:

      I bought that EP a few months ago! You may remember our brief YouTube conversation. I absolutely love the EP.. Truly fearless independent music, my friend! I’d highly suggest that you continue making such stuff 🙂 But I wonder what it would have been like for you to play “This is the Salon” live? Would you have hired friends to help, or done it solo somehow? Used acoustic drums or electric, etc. etc.? And would everyone’s brains at the Reading festival have blown out of their skulls?


      • rryrry says:

        Of course! Silly me. Don’t worry, I can hardly stop writing it and the new EP is due out on the 23rd November (I think, it’s definitely that Monday). There’s a blog about it on here somewhere, it’s called ‘a popup village’. You know, I’ve only played ‘This is the Salon’ live once and I used a backing track with live bass guitar. The dream is to play it like that but also with live drums but I need to find like-minded musicians which, especially in Sweden, is a little tricky. Hey ho. I’m a positive guy! Glad to chat to you again, Joe!


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