Real Talk: Seoul Searching (Muizenberg – John Wizards)

Well, not really; but it’s true that I’m in Seoul and I do like a pun. As I’m on holiday these next few weeks I won’t be doing Appraisals proper, I doubt I’ll have the time or inclination, but I will leave you with a lovely tune or two to get you through the days. I know how you rely on them so.

Muizenberg by John Wizards kept me sane while I was changing planes at Doha. I think I listened to it about 7 times on repeat as I made circles near the gate. My initial 5 hour flight from Stockholm had left my legs pretty dead and as I had an 8 hour connecting flight ahead of me I thought it best to get a little exercise. This song really encapsulates the breezy excitement and groove I desperately needed to steel myself for the flight. There’s something about a wonky arrangement with Afrobeat guitar widdling over the top to get me enthused and happy. It’s definitely an album you should seek out.

Short and sweet.


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