Real Talk: On Musical Collaboration (It’s a RUM DO)

Technology is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it tries to bring everyone forward towards a brighter dawn; on the other, it leaves some behind. These past few years have seen it split the musical between those who moved and those who lapsed. Often I feel in the latter category; I missed the boat and now the pier has been swept away. In less poetic terms, the tried and tested formula of ‘grind-the-pub-circuit-until-you-get-a-big-enough-following-to-get-a-label’s-attention-to-get-your-song-played-on-the-radio’ pretty much collapsed with the rise of Justin Bieber. Youtube became the main musical entry point, social media became the new artistic quotient and I stood by with my meagre offerings, throwing them on the fire of consumption. Success by any means was limited. When I am low I focus on this and it hollows me out. But then I think of the freedom I’ve been afforded by Logic and Sibelius and all these other little sites and programs that allow me to vomit my ideas into something tangible. The boat of success may have eluded me for now but I’ll be damned if I don’t use these shattered timbers to build something better. Which leads me neatly on to something made almost effortless these days, the art of collaboration.

I’d hit play if I were you

This, if you didn’t quite get the point of this post, is the logical conclusion to all the fraternal remixing and covering between rryrry and Give Blood. Something wholly different yet wholly familiar. I almost joined Give Blood, you see; I desperately craved a band again after years plugging away on my own to no avail. Then life didn’t so much get in the way as change my priorities and I left London. As we could no longer meet up and jam, Will and I decided the next best thing we could do was exchange stems over the interweb and remix each others tracks. It was an exceptionally fruitful experience and set fast the seeds of what is to come. Stems of completed tracks quickly became unheard demos and ideas and before we knew it we had become fully fledged collaborators. The best kind of collaborators. Something made real by the internet and cheap software.

This is a short post, consider it merely an introduction. Lay down, lovers. It’s a RUM DO.


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