Alien Ant Farm (on midweek buzz induced nostalgia)

Guilty pleasure simply doesn’t exist. If you feel guilty in enjoying something it is merely a sign that you are straining against your nature and uncomfortably fitting into the box that life has dumped you in. Would acknowledging that make you happy? I am myself; all inclusive, a one off. We all are. I’m utterly different from my closest allies and trusted companions, something worth remembering. We are all different from each other so why pretend that we have to fit into someone else’s perceived idea of how we should act. There is no guilt, there is merely pleasure. Shame is absent. When I was younger I loved the new alternative metal; a genre which before my eyes contracted and commercialised into the bastard tongue “Nu” variety. Nu-metal, I see it making you shudder. Be patient.

Where will Perry’s arrow murmur? I honestly don’t know right now, I’ve got a midweek buzz on that’s positively balmy. This post was started with a mind to showcase Downer’s impeccably 00s ‘Last Time‘; a band that released an album on Roadrunner Records before completely disappearing. No Spotify, no iTunes, very little Youtube. The saddest of fates in this digital age. This was followed with a full on succumbing to Alien Ant Farm, a much maligned band who gave by far an away the most nuanced record of this badly remembered age. I should come back to it… I don’t know, maybe throw a leaf into the wind and see where it lands. Linkin Park. They’ll do. Actually, sod that, I DO want to talk Alien Ant Farm. A band that suffered the excesses of nu-metal worse than most: disturbingly talented yet stage hogging 6-stringed bass player, quietly jazz influenced drummer and extended 9th obsessed guitarist. Add a sublimely unhinged 80s cover and Bingo! But they musically stick in my head more than most. Don’t get me wrong, I proudly like Limp Bizkit more, but that’s likely because they were around longer. But put 3 Dollar against ANThology and I think AAF pips it. It’s the sheer tonal variety and positive sheen that wins out.

An album review to follow. In the meantime, here’s a taster to lock your teeth in.


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