Todd Terje – Delorean Dynamite

My plan for most of this week was to talk about the beautiful fusion between high minimalist temporal theory and pop music found in Zammuto’s ‘My Dog’s Eyes‘. I likely still will at some point, but I’ve had an excitingly lax week and can’t really be bothered to write the 1000 words needed to do it justice. Instead, let’s fall back on modern nostalgia. That kind of cultural experience that looks wholly backwards in an attempt to say something relevant. Nostalgia is a blight on society, a physical wrench of cowardly ideas running away from reality. We try and build these perfect little impressions of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s because they seem so cool. Cool, in the way that social injustice and egotistical excess are cool. The 80s weren’t cool (a hateful word at the best of times) but the musical reaction to it was. A reaction that could only honestly have happened in that decade. Attempts to ape it now can appear hollow in comparison. That said, modern nostalgia can be done right if we take it purely on musical presentation; strip it of cool and accept it’s authenticity. Assume it is actually 30 years old and not 2. At least then I can enjoy it for what it is, a solid lump of awesomely disposable white boy disco. I mean that in an incredibly affectionate way. Well played Terje. Well played.


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