D.D Dumbo – Walrus

For a blog that tries to spend it’s pages looking back at the songs missed and albums unknown, it’s a strange thing to talk of the future. I prefer looking back and seeing how it all fits together; the tiny locks that bind music and pleasure across the spectrum. It’s easier than being met with crushing disappointment. But then I remember how critical we need to be of our dependence on nostalgia and the rose-tint; the training wheels that we refuse to abandon. Looking back only provides satisfaction if we use it to locate our present, using the cushion of history as thrust and not support. D.D Dumbo‘s ‘Walrus’ is the future in it’s most literal sense, the single released in advance of the album to whet appetites. Through it he gives us only the loosest of context which allows the piece to stand distinct and defined. A throbbing slab of looped guitar and post-funk rhythms produced with joyous idiosyncrasy and written with expression at it’s core. The incredibly brief descending horns at 1:16 never return, and why should they? An expressive flourish quickly followed by the cod-folk 12-string guitar break. Unique and fulfilling. To me this is one of those points where experiences past are forcing the work forward into the new. There is no genre wallowing or explicit influence. It is a sum. A brilliant sum. One with space for extension as both songs released from the upcoming Utopia Defeated (released 7th October 2016) hint at a continuous audio thread and blending between the pieces. I get my hopes up and look ahead. A strange thing indeed.


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