Harry Perry is a British composer/producer/performer based in Uppsala (SE) whose varied and eclectic output spans multiple genres. An early introduction to folk, Asian and classical music met with an adolescent obsession with alternative rock and David Bowie to form a fairly unique musical taste. After performing with various bands at school, Harry sought to expand his creative horizons by studying Music at Bangor University (completing two dissertations, one on composition, one on David Bowie). It was a fun time, he spent most of it in the studio. At Bangor, Harry received composition workshops by BBC NOW, The Allegri String Quartet and Ensemble Cymru. After receiving the Parry-Williams prize for composition and returning south, he continued his studies at Goldsmiths College, London. In London he began to perform under the pseudonym rryrry and independently released three EP’s: “’Alexander Lemming’ and other songs”, “subtlepunk” and “I want & the me culture”.


I’m a musician a bit bored of the usual review blog so decided to set my own one up with a mind to enthuse people about the vast swamp of music out there to be discovered. I try not to pick sides but I will explain why something moves me more than something else. I have platonic love for David Bowie. The Appraisal is my way of collecting my thoughts and approaching musical criticism from a measured yet enthusiastic perspective. Plus I like to write. I like it a lot. So expect articles and reviews and podcasts about every genre of music from every aspect I can think of.

Read my words. Be my friend. Get in touch.



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