Harry Perry is a British European composer/producer/performer whose varied and eclectic output spans multiple genres. His acoustic ensemble music has been selected for workshops by BBC NOW, Ensemble Cymru and the Allegri String Quartet; his electroacoustic works has been diffused by ElectroacousticWALES, and his popular work (both solo as rryrry and in collaboration) has received continued support and regular airplay by Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music. Harry’s work largely focuses on the interoperability of cultural practice and attempts to redefine our long held concepts of genre, culture and artistic purpose. He is currently reading for a PhD in Composition at Bangor University.


I’m just a fan. Just a simple fan of music and culture and life and this is my way of showing it. I try not to pick sides but I will explain why something moves me more than something else. I have platonic love for David Bowie. The Appraisal is my way of collecting my thoughts and approaching musical criticism from a measured yet enthusiastic perspective. Plus I like to write. I like it a lot. So expect articles and reviews and podcasts about every genre of music from every aspect I can think of.

Be my friend. Get in touch.


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